Chat 2 by Siropu 2.0.8 - AJAX chat for XenForo 2

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Chat 2 by Siropu 2.0.8 - plugin AJAX chat for XenForo 2. The latest update corrects previously reported chat and style errors.

Author: Siropu


Main Chat Features
[*] Rooms
[*] Separate guest room with nicks support
[*] Archive with search criteria
[*] Most active chat users page
[*] Personal correspondence
[*] Sounds, desktop notifications and browser tabs
[*] Global commands (21 commands that you can control, and also you can add your own commands)
[*] User commands (can be used to set preset messages / responses via command)
[*] User settings
[*] User statuses
[ *] Rights for user groups
[*] For Pryta for users (remove from the room / lock in the chat / prohibit writing in the room, etc.)
[*] Ability to upload images to the chat via a special form
[*] Style settings
[*] Many settings for the administrator to enable / disable some functions
[*] Notifications from the bot about new topics, messages, users, resources, albums / media
[*] ] The bot answers can be triggered by predefined keywords
[*] Automatic posting of messages from the bot at the set time / date
[*] Displaying ads in the chat (rotation is supported)
[*] Displaying advertisements in the chat (rotation is supported)
[*] In and jet rooms
[*] widget of the most active chat users
[*] widget of online chat users

The chat is downloaded as a widget, and you can configure it to download the chat at certain times on the specified devices.

The chat uses the built-in advanced XenForo text editor, and you can disable individual buttons / BB-codes.

Room Options
[*] Name
[*] Description
[*] Password (for users who have the appropriate permissions)
[*] User groups - access rights-based rooms for groups (administrator option)
[*] Read only - the ability to make a room available only for (option administrator)
[*] Closed - the ability to close the room until a certain date (administrator option)
[*] Automatic cleaning of messages every X hours (administrator option)
[*] Topic ID - the ability to specify a theme ID, messages from which will be automatically placed in the chat room (option admin the official)

Features for messages in rooms
[*] Like / Dislikes
[*] Quote
[*] Link
[*] Complaint
[*] Edit
[*] Delete

Possibilities for messages in correspondence
[*] Like / Dislike
[*] Quote
[*] Complaint
[*] Edit
[*] Delete

You can also use the / find command , and then the keyword - to search for messages.
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