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xF 2.x Style Drift Dark - The Dark Style of XenForo 2

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Drift Dark
- dark style design Drift for XenForo 2 from the studio ThemeHouse has a lot of settings: from adding your own banner, choosing either a flexible width or a fixed one. Standard, floating or sticky navigation and user panel, Dozens of different search and navigation options, Foldable nodes, sidebars, postbits and signatures, Many types of category descriptions (tooltip, built-in or none), Various input styles, such as a modal window , drop-down menu and slide and much more.

Drift Dark 2 Changelog:
  1. GDPR Support
  2. Fixed the empty action bar on the Member Card
  3. Fixed the white space that is seen at the bottom when collapsing the sidebar
  4. Fixed the collapse link on the sidebar
  5. Improved tabs border-bottom on header tabs
  6. Improvements made to the side navigation
  7. Canvas improvements
  8. Improvements made on checkboxes and radio boxes
  9. Fixed issues with the token input bar
  10. Fixed the issue with deleted by said user when moderators soft delete a profile comment or post
  11. Fixed the issue where the left side head/navigation area shifts rightward when pop-up menu occurs
  12. Material icons are now loaded in locally
  13. Added main tab bar component
  14. Improvements made on viewport sticky items
  15. Style property improvements made for paid user upgrades
  16. iPhone X padding support added
  17. Off-canvas sidebar improvements
  18. Sidebar navigation styling property added
  19. Fixed the issue which caused some wrong Material icons be used
  20. Fixed the visitor tabs in the staff bar box from being shown as empty on desktop view for logged out users
  21. Fixed alignment on the navbar search popup button
  22. Fixed the parallax overlay from missing on Xenith on mobile devices
  23. Fixed top padding on the 'Leave conversation' popup
  24. Fixed the mobile/desktop layout switch error
  25. Improved drop-down menu padding
  26. Changed module experience on mobile devices from mobile to full screen
  27. Changed title bar component mark-up
  28. Fixed post options from missing on mobile view
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