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xF 2.x Addon Robots 2.2 - the prohibition of indexing robots XenForo 2 2.2

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Robots 2.2 - plugin that prohibits robots from indexing your XenForo forum 2. There is a setting of white and black lists, blocking for a specific request, and more.
Author: Andy

All phrases begin with robots_ for your convenience.

Questions and Answers:
Q: What is the purpose of this supplement?
A: Many robots scanning your forum will slow it down.

Q: I noticed that the robot scans my site, but it is identified as a guest.
A: You need to add a name to the "Black list" field on the "Options" page.

Q: What happens if a robot that is not allowed appears on my site?
A: He gets a blank page.

Q: Why not use a robots.txt file to restrict robots?
A: Because robots ignore this file.

Changes in the database:
This add-on will create a table with the name xf_robots in your database.
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