Shoutbox by Siropu 1.3.2 - minichat for XenForo 2

xF 2.x Addon Shoutbox by Siropu 1.3.2 - minichat for XenForo 2 1.3.2

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[BGCOLOR=rgb(68, 100, 187)]Shoutbox by Siropu 1.3.2[/BGCOLOR] - a simple plug-in minichat for the forum XenForo 2, which can be placed anywhere on the forum (widget).

[*] Chat update interval - allows you to set the interval for updating chat messages. You can disable the option.
[*] Maximum message length.
[*] The limit of displayed messages.
[*] Delete messages older than X days
[*] Enable / disable the sound of new messages in the chat
[*] Enable / disable the display of avatars next to messages
[*] Enable / disable BB codes
[*] Basement - add an additional block (advertising, announcement, etc.) You have the right to use the chat, delete / edit messages, clear the chat (/ prune)
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